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hi guys so I'm just gonna talk to you guys both the firm's license today the course involved in taking it the renewal process all like that just a couple of things this is in combination with a number of other videos that we're using to sort of describe how to get into hunting in Alberta keep in mind that the firearms license is federally regulated so although we are combining this with the how to hunt in Alberta they don't necessarily go hand in hand so you don't have to do the hunter ed course first and then the firearms course doesn't matter what order you do them and they're separate entities you can hunt without a firearms license for example if your bow hunting and you can own firearms without being a hunter so they're not they're not connected in that way but most hunters need a firearm to hunt and that's how they prefer to hunt so in that case you would want to get your firearms license the firearms license in Canada is called a possession and acquisition license more commonly referred to as a pal you can get your license for non restricted or restricted nowadays so if you are looking to get your firm's license for hunting then you're probably gonna be looking at the license just for non-restricted if you that covers your sporting firearms generally speaking so most rifles and shotguns if you think you're also gonna get into handguns at some point then get your restricted done you can apply to get a non restricted and restricted license and restricted covers most handguns generally speaking any firm that classifies as restricted the farms course can be done by anybody who is at least 12 years old minors can get the non restricted license but they won't be able to get the restricted license until they turn 18 the first one the non-restricted course is at the moment an eight-hour in-class course there's both a written test and a practical test so there's a hands-on portion where the instructor will test you separate from the rest of the class just on your ability to handle firearms safely it covers all of the basic stuff and if you don't have any experience with firearms don't worry about it it really does start from square one every province has a different organization that's responsible for licensing and keeping track of instructors in that area in alberta it's the old berta hunter education instructors Association that's responsible for that or here so here has all of the instructors listed on their website aah yah a comm just go to the instructor listings tab and just go to Canadian firearm safety course sorted by city you can scroll down to whatever city is nearest you or town nearest you and look up all of the firms and structures that way if you are in Lethbridge I teach the farms courses here so you can go to our website to just see our upcoming course dates pal course comm is where you'll find all of those so that's those are our our...